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Day 1

​How to learn (+ cheatsheet)

​ We'll show you how to learn any programming language in record time by using the Pareto principle to avoid common mistakes and roadblocks beginners face when learning to program.

Day 2

​​Tooling and Editor Setup

​ You'll learn how to: use the Terminal/Command line, install the Atom text editor, install required libraries and work with git and Github.

Day 3

​​​A programming language that makes you smile

​ ​We're going to use the Pareto cheatsheet in lesson #1 to learn enough Ruby to cater for 80% of your needs as a technical marketer.

Day 4

​​​How to double your traffic from social media

​ ​​You'll learn how to automate Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Buffer by using an API and Google sheets to run an automated queue that never runs out of content. Ciao to social media managers.

Day 5

​How to connect with anyone

​ ​You'll learn how to use a script to find anyone's email address (unlimited) in a matter of seconds, saving you time and money. Ciao to paying for email finding tools.

Day 6

​​​How to have 1:1 conversations at scale

​​ You'll learn how to send 1:1 emails at scale to generate leads, build relationships, promote content, and so on. All you need is your Gmail account.

Day 7

​​​How to scrape communities

​ Communities are a Gold Mine for marketers. They are a niché collection of your target customers gathered in one highly engaged space. You'll learn how to build your own script to extract data and use it for customer prospecting.

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Bonus lessons

  • ​How to automagically invite 15,000 people to like your page every month.
  • ​How to set up a viral referral campaign to acquire thousands of customers at no cost
  • ​How to hack linkedin and send unlimited "inMails".
  • ​How to get email addresses from twitter usernames.
  • A simple hack to get the LinkedIn profile of your website visitors.
  • And much more...